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Melissa Gemmell

Kids Yoga

I started practicing yoga about 15 years ago and have always appreciated yoga’s holistic combination of calmness, strength, and self-reflection. My passion for sharing yoga with my own kids inspired me to teach yoga practices to other children which they can easily incorporate in their daily lives – no matter their age. I find that being a kids’ yoga instructor has really enhanced my motherhood experience, and I hope to pass along that joy to other parents to share with their children.


My goal is to inspire your little ones to move and learn with fun, engaging poses, breathing activities, gratitude practice, and mindful games and crafts. Through physical postures, children improve balance, flexibility and greater body awareness. Through partner postures and group activities, children build social skills, a sense of community and respect for self and others. Through movement, music and crafts, children enhance their creativity and self-expression. Through breathwork and guided visualization children learn about the mind-body connection, calm the nervous system and relax.

Our children have incredible talents and capabilities and I am confident that through my yoga classes, you and your children can find new ways to explore and appreciate their abilities and bring moments of calm to their busy worlds.

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