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Marco Aurelio Vinci

Marco Aurelio Vinci

200 hr RYT

Marco is an Experienced 200 Hour Yoga Instructor and Usui Reiki Master from the North Shore.
His journey through yoga began on the Winter Solstice of 2012. This monumental first class challenged Marco with a physical practice that opened his eyes to the pursuit of advanced
asana postures. Even more importantly, this first class was followed with a savasana that left Marco in a state of surreality. Never had this body been to a state of relaxation that felt
grounded, nurtured, and safe.


After a 6 month hiatus between his first and second class followed by 2 years of scattered drop ins, seeking the next step in practice, Marco made the commitment to an unlimited membership.

During the summer of 2015 Marco’s life was shaken up after a house fire burned up and destroyed most of his personal belongings. Instead of seeing this as a loss, there was a not so
hidden message through the ash and smoke. A message to begin anew with a different change in pace. “Release your grasp on the things out of your control.” Less than a month after the fire, Marco was led to discover reiki healing and immediately felt a calling to learn this powerful healing modality. Within a year Marco received his first reiki attunement under the divine
guidance of Usui Reiki Master Teacher, Jacalynn Willett.


Since completing his first 200 hour teacher training in May 2017 Marco has taught over 1200 hours of yoga. He cannot wait to meet you for some fun in the depths of consciousness on a
breath by breath basis.

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